Completely Keto Morning Scramble Burger

In a bustling city that wakes up early and stays up late, a local diner became an unexpected hub for keto enthusiasts, thanks to a breakfast creation that was as delicious as it was unconventional: the Completely Keto Morning Scramble Burger.

This story unfolds in the heart of the city’s downtown, where the diner, with its neon sign flickering “Open,” became a beacon for early risers, night shift workers, and everyone craving a unique start to their day. The owner, a chef with a flair for reimagining classic dishes, introduced the Morning Scramble Burger, a dish that soon turned the humble diner into a culinary landmark.

As dawn broke and the city stirred to life, the sizzle of bacon strips in the skillet harmonized with the bustling streets outside. The burgers, each a hefty 8 ounces, were grilled to perfection, their aroma mingling with the fresh morning air. The eggs, cracked with precision, were gently scrambled, turning into a fluffy blanket ready to embrace the burgers and bacon.

The real magic happened when the assembly began. The Fox Hill Kitchens Buns, a keto favorite, were toasted just right, forming the base for this towering creation. Layers of melted mozzarella cheese, rich and gooey, added a comforting warmth, while the final touch, a dollop of Completely Keto Horseradish Mayo, brought a bold and tangy contrast, waking up the taste buds with each bite.

The Completely Keto Morning Scramble Burger was more than a dish; it was the heart of the diner, a symbol of the city’s vibrant pulse, and a beloved ritual for those who sought a morning meal that was as nourishing as it was inspiring. It was a reminder that, in the city that never sleeps, innovation and tradition could come together in the most delicious ways.

Completely Keto Morning Scramble Burger

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: keto morning scramble burger, morning scramble burger
Prep Time: 1 hour
Servings: 4 people



  1. Preheat a grill or grill pan to medium high heat.

  2. Once heated fully add the burgers on and cook for 10 minutes, flipping halfway. (longer or shorter cooking time for desired rareness level)

  3. Prep the bacon however you like it.

  4. Heat up a pan over medium high heat.

  5. Coat the pan in a layer of oil and add the eggs to fry one by one, seasoning with salt and pepper.

  6. Build the sandwich by putting the burger on the bun first. Then evenly distribute the mayo, then 2 slices of cheese per bun, then the bacon topped with the fried egg.

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