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Completely Keto Grilled Veggies

In a small, vibrant community garden nestled within the bustling city, a group of friends gathered weekly to share in the joy of cooking and the bounty of their harvest. Among them was Luca, a culinary wizard with a knack for grilling and a dedication to the keto lifestyle.

As the summer sun set, casting a golden hue over the garden, Luca would fire up the grill, transforming the day’s harvest into a feast of Completely Keto Grilled Veggies. Zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, and an array of colorful vegetables were seasoned and grilled to perfection, each bite a testament to the simplicity and beauty of fresh, garden-grown produce.

Optional squeezes of lime or lemon added a bright zest, elevating the flavors. These gatherings, fueled by friendship and the shared love of good food, became a cherished tradition, showcasing the versatility of vegetables and the communal joy of keto-friendly feasts.

Completely Keto Grilled Veggies


    Ideas for different vegetable combinations:

      Zucchini with whole garlic cloves:

      • Zucchini (sliced lengthwise)
      • Whole garlic cloves (peel on)

      Eggplant with red pepper:

      • Eggplant (Sliced thin lengthwise)
      • Red peppers (sliced in halves)
      • Asparagus (on it’s own are full of flavor)

      Cubed vegetables on skewers:

      • Cherry tomatoes
      • Purple or regular onions (cut up into small pieces)
      • Zucchini (cut up into small squares)
      • Mushrooms (either baby portabella or whatever is easy to find)
      • Optional: adding a wedge of lime or lemon

      Brussel sprouts mix:

      • Brussel sprouts (cut in halves)
      • Asparagus (cut into 3 sticks)
      • Green peppers (cut into wedges)
      • A vegetable (over the grill baske)
      1. Serve grilled veggies as a side dish during a meal or as a snack.
      2. Grilling vegetables brings out the flavors of the vegetable, nature intended them to have.
      3. It keeps the vitamins in the vegetables to benefit from, and gives you many meal ideas day after day, anytime of day!
      4. One thing you always want to keep in mind when grilling veggies is that marinating them with butter or oil and whatever seasoning you choose will keep the veggie from sticking to the grill, or the barbecue over the grill pan.
      5. Remove the peel after it’s grilled and enjoy
      6. After years of entertaining and hearing compliments of how my family & guests have enjoyed my grilling, surprisingly the vegetables always seemed to be a hit along with the flavorful proteins of course.
      7. When preparing the vegetables for grilling simply marinate or rub each piece with butter or oil of choice and season simply with Pink Himalayan salt and pepper. You can add any spice you like after that but it is really a personal preference, and choosing complimentary flavors with whatever else you are serving. Some like to add garlic and something with a little fire to it like cayenne. If it’s an Italian meal you can sprinkle some basil or oregano. Sticking with the basics when it comes to vegetables on the grill is always delicious and works well with any main course.
      8. Always heat up your grill to medium-high heat and grill either directly on the grill or using a grill basket.
      9. Vegetables cook fairly quickly on the grill so keep an eye it.

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