Completely Keto Whiskey Chocolate Truffles

On a crisp evening that marked the beginning of the holiday season, a group of friends and I decided to celebrate at our favorite downtown spot, known for its cozy ambiance and exquisite cuisine. Little did we know, the highlight of the night would be a delightful surprise served at the meal’s end: Completely Keto Whiskey Chocolate Truffles.

As we reminisced over shared memories and savored the last sips of our coffee, the waiter presented us with a platter of the truffles, their rich aroma mingling with the rustic scent of the restaurant’s wooden interior. Intrigued by this unexpected treat, we each picked one, the anticipation building as we admired their delicate craftsmanship.

The first bite was a journey into decadence. The rich, velvety chocolate, infused with a hint of whiskey, melted on our tongues, enveloping us in a moment of pure bliss. The Completely Keto Whiskey Chocolate Truffles were more than just a dessert; they were a celebration of friendship, a perfect ending to our festive gathering, and a reminder that the sweetest moments often come when least expected, wrapped in chocolate and shared among friends.

Completely Keto Rum Chocolate Truffles

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: keto whiskey chocolate truffles, whiskey chocolate truffles
Prep Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Servings: 10 people



  1. Pour the chocolate into a bowl.

  2. Pour the cream and salt into a saucepan then raise to a boil.

  3. Pour the cream mix while hot over the chocolate in the bowl then mix immediately to fully melt and combine.

  4. Mix in the rum.

  5. Let the mix cool in the fridge until cooled totally which should take a few hours, or use the freezer to cool faster.

  6. Spoon out some of the mix at a time to form the balls.

  7. Pour the cocoa powder into a plate then coat every ball in the powder by rolling it in it.

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