Completely Keto Root Beer Ice Cream

In the quaint town of Maple Grove, where the summer sun dapples through the leaves of ancient trees and the community gathers in celebration of the season’s warmth, there lived an ice cream maker named Ellie. Known for her inventive flavors and commitment to wholesome ingredients, Ellie’s passion was to create treats that could be enjoyed by everyone in town, regardless of their dietary preferences.

One sweltering July afternoon, inspired by memories of sipping frosty root beer under the shade of her grandmother’s porch, Ellie decided to craft a dessert that would encapsulate the essence of those carefree summer days while adhering to the principles of the ketogenic diet. Thus was born the idea for Completely Keto Root Beer Ice Cream.

Ellie meticulously blended heavy cream with whole eggs and an additional yolk to achieve a rich, custard base. She sweetened the mixture with xylitol, a keto-friendly alternative to sugar, ensuring the ice cream would be a guilt-free indulgence. The addition of vanilla extract added depth to the flavor profile, while the root beer extract was the magic ingredient that transformed the concoction into a nostalgic celebration of summer.

The result was a creamy, dreamy Completely Keto Root Beer Ice Cream that became an instant sensation in Maple Grove. It was more than just a dessert; it was a ticket to childhood summers, a testament to Ellie’s creativity, and a celebration of community. Through her innovative creation, Ellie proved that with a bit of imagination, the simple joys of summer could be captured in a scoop of keto-friendly ice cream.

Completely Keto Root Beer Ice Cream

  • 3 Cups heavy cream
  • 2 eggs (whole)
  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 3/4 Cup xylitol (or swerve)
  • 1 Tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 Tsp root beer extract
  1. GENTLY Mix all above ingredients together.
  2. Add Mixture to Breville Ice Cream Maker
  3. Push on the button. Take nap.

  4. When the bell rings grab a spoon. 

    Makes about 1 quart

Non-Dairy Keto Ice Cream In the recipe substitute 2 cans of coconut cream (FULL FAT) in place of the heavy cream. Vegan Keto Ice Cream In the recipe substitute 3 cans of coconut cream (FULL FAT) in place of the heavy cream. Omit the eggs.

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