Completely Keto Creamy Chicken Sauce

On a sun-drenched summer afternoon, our family embarked on a much-anticipated journey to the serene countryside of Provence. It was a trip we had dreamt of, a chance to unwind amidst the lavender fields and sunflower patches, and to indulge in the region’s culinary delights. Among us was my youngest daughter, Sophie, a budding food enthusiast with a palate that could rival any gourmet.

One evening, we found ourselves in a charming little village, where the cobblestone streets whispered tales of old and the air was rich with the scent of blooming flowers. It was here, in a quaint, family-run eatery named “Le Coq d’Or,” that we experienced a dish so divine, it would forever hold a place in our hearts: the Completely Keto Creamy Chicken Sauce.

As we gathered around the rustic wooden table, the chef, a kind-hearted man with a smile as warm as the Provencal sun, served us his signature dish. The sauce, a creamy concoction of heavy cream and butter, gently simmered to perfection, held the promise of culinary bliss. The chicken, tender and succulent, was a testament to the chef’s commitment to freshness and quality. But it was the blanched almonds, ground to a fine texture and blended seamlessly into the sauce, that truly set the dish apart, adding a richness and depth that was simply unforgettable.

Sophie’s eyes lit up with the first taste. The sauce was a revelation, a perfect harmony of flavors that danced on her palate, the creaminess of the sauce complemented exquisitely by the subtle nuttiness of the almonds. The dish was a symphony of simplicity and sophistication, each ingredient shining in its own right, yet coming together to create something extraordinary.

Enchanted by the dish and inspired by Sophie’s newfound favorite, I knew I had to recreate this culinary masterpiece in my kitchen. Back home, with the memories of Provence still fresh in our minds, I set out to craft my version of the Completely Keto Creamy Chicken Sauce. The journey was one of passion and patience, as I carefully selected each ingredient, ensuring they adhered to the keto principles we cherished.

As the sauce simmered and the aroma filled our kitchen, it was as if a piece of Provence had found its way into our home. The dish was not just a meal; it was a memento of our journey, a reminder of the sun-kissed fields, the laughter-filled evenings, and the joy of discovering new flavors together.

The Completely Keto Creamy Chicken Sauce became more than just a recipe; it was a story, a story of a family’s adventure in Provence, of a little girl’s love for a sauce that captured the essence of a region, and of a dish that, much like our memories, would be cherished and savored for years to come.

Completely Keto Creamy Chicken Sauce

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: creamy chicken sauce, keto creamy chicken sauce
Servings: 6 people



  1. Melt the butter in a large skillet.

  2. Stiry fry the chicken and almonds for 6 minutes so the chicken is fully cooked.

  3. Bring the heavy cream to a boil in another pan while the other is cooking for around 10 minutes. Pour cream over the chicken almond mix.

  4. Mix and seasonn to taste.

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