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Completely Keto Sweet Chili Sauce

At a vibrant rooftop party where the city lights twinkled like distant stars, a daring dish made its debut, capturing the essence of the night: Completely Keto Sweet Chili Sauce.

The host, known among friends for her adventurous palate and knack for keto-friendly creations, unveiled the sauce as her secret weapon. As the music played and laughter echoed under the open sky, guests were treated to a culinary experience that tantalized their taste buds.

The Sweet Chili Sauce, with its perfect balance of sweetness and heat, became an instant hit. Drizzled over grilled skewers, it added a bold, zesty flair that had everyone reaching for more. As a dipping sauce for fresh, crunchy vegetables, it turned a simple snack into a flavor-packed delight. Even when paired with delicate, pan-seared fish, the sauce brought a depth of flavor that transformed the dish into a gourmet feast.

The Completely Keto Sweet Chili Sauce wasn’t just the highlight of the party; it was a celebration of shared tastes, a delightful surprise that turned an ordinary evening into an unforgettable gathering of friends, food, and the magic of a sauce that danced under the city lights.

Completely Keto Sweet Chili Sauce

Course: Sauces & Rubs
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: keto sweet chili sauce, sweet chili sauce
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 20 people



  1. Bring the vinegar and water to a boil in a saucepan on high flame.

  2. Mix in all the other ingredients except xanthan gum and let simmer for 5 minutes.

  3. Mix in the xanthan gum to thicken.

  4. Take off flame and let cool, then store in a covered container in the fridge.

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