Completely Keto Hamburger and Fries

In a cozy neighborhood nestled within a bustling city, there lived a young boy named Ethan who was eagerly anticipating his 10th birthday. Ethan, like his mother Laura, followed a ketogenic lifestyle, which often meant having to forego traditional birthday treats like cake and ice cream. But Laura, known among her friends and family for her culinary creativity, was determined to make Ethan’s birthday celebration unforgettable with a menu that was both indulgent and keto-friendly. The centerpiece of the feast would be a Completely Keto Hamburger and Fries, a dish that promised all the joy of a classic birthday barbecue without any of the carbs.

Laura began her preparations by slicing jicama into sticks, tossing them with garlic powder, paprika, olive oil, and Pink Himalayan Salt, and then crisping them to perfection in the air fryer. She knew these jicama fries, served with Walden Farms sugar-free ketchup, would be a hit with both the kids and adults, offering a crunchy, savory treat that perfectly mimicked the real thing.

For the hamburgers, Laura chose regular ground beef for its juiciness, seasoning it simply and grilling it to smoky perfection on her beloved indoor countertop grill. She sautéed onions until golden and fragrant, setting them aside to be added as a savory topping for those who wished.

Laura also made sure to order Keto-approved hamburger buns from Foxhill Kitchens, ensuring that Ethan and his friends could enjoy their burgers just like any other birthday party, without feeling left out. The condiments were carefully chosen as well; Walden Farms ketchup and Primal Avocado Mayo added layers of flavor without adding carbs.

As the guests arrived, the air filled with the sound of laughter and the aroma of grilling burgers. Ethan’s eyes lit up at the sight of the keto feast his mother had prepared, especially the jicama fries, which had become his new favorite snack.

The Completely Keto Hamburger and Fries were a resounding success, with guests marveling at how delicious keto food could be. Ethan’s birthday party became a celebration not just of another year of life, but also of the joy and inclusivity that thoughtful, keto-friendly cooking could bring to any occasion. Laura watched on with a heart full of love, knowing that she had given her son a birthday to remember, proving that with a bit of ingenuity, every moment can be celebrated to its fullest, regardless of dietary restrictions.


Completely Keto Hamburger And Fries


  • Jicama sliced into sticks
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika
  • Olive oil
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  1. Rub all ingredients onto each of the sticks
  2. Place in Air fryer for 20 minutes
  3. Serve with Walden Farms sugar free ketchup

Hamburger meat should be a regular ground beef. Do not use lean beef. It will be dry. Using an indoor counter top grill or outdoor grill Variations for what you put in your burger can be made in advance including browning some onions in a skillet with some Himalayan Salt and pepper beforehand and leaving them on the side for when you are ready to plate your hamburger and fries I use Hamburger buns from Foxhill Kitchens which are Keto approved and will be delivered to your door . I use Ketchup from Walden Farms and Mayo is from Primal Avocado Mayo. Jicama fries in video being cooked in air fryer that I use daily for my meals.

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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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