Completely Keto Custard

In a quaint village where every family recipe is a treasured heirloom, a local baker known for her keto-friendly delights set out to craft a dessert that would honor tradition while embracing a healthier lifestyle: Completely Keto Custard.

As the annual village fair approached, a time when the air buzzed with excitement and the scent of sweet treats, the baker decided that her custard would be her entry in the dessert contest. In her sunlit kitchen, with the hum of the village fair in the distance, she whisked and poured, each movement a blend of precision and love.

When the day of the fair arrived, her Keto Custard sat proudly among the array of desserts, its smooth, creamy texture and delicate flavor drawing curious glances and eager tasters. As the judges made their rounds, the custard became the talk of the fair, a delightful surprise that married the comfort of classic custard with the mindfulness of keto cuisine.

The Completely Keto Custard wasn’t just a dessert; it was the highlight of the village fair, a symbol of innovation and tradition, and a sweet testament to the baker’s belief that the most cherished recipes can evolve with time while still capturing the essence of home and heart.

Completely Keto Custard

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: custard, keto custard
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 10 people



  1. Melt the butter fully.

  2. Add in xanthan gum, swerve and salt. Mix in and add one more teaspoon of xanthan gum if not thick enough.

  3. Slowly add in the heavy cream then water.

  4. Raise heat to boil.

  5. Blend the yolks and slowly add in the hot milk.

  6. Put back on the fire to cook for 2 minutes while mixing the whole time.

  7. Let cool and pour in vanilla.

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