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Completely Keto Cranberry Sauce

In a small, cozy kitchen filled with the warmth of holiday preparations, there was a dedicated keto follower named Clara. Each year, Clara faced the challenge of maintaining her ketogenic lifestyle while indulging in the festive flavors of the season.

Determined not to forego her favorite holiday condiment, she decided to reinvent the classic cranberry sauce into a keto-friendly delight. Using just water, XyloSweet for a sugar-free sweetness, and a bounty of fresh cranberries, Clara created a Completely Keto Cranberry Sauce that was both tangy and sweet, perfectly complementing her holiday feast without compromising her dietary choices.

This simple yet revolutionary sauce became a new tradition, proving that holiday classics could be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Completely Keto Cranberry Sauce

  • 1 Cup water
  • 1 Cup XyloSweet
  • 10 oz cranberries ( fresh/frozen)
  1. Bring water and XyloSweet to boil in a medium pot
  2. Place cranberries inside the pot after it has come to a rolling boil
  3. Return water and cranberries to a boil
  4. Reduce the heat and boil lightly for 10-15 minutes
  5. Stir every minute
  6. Remove from heat and cover
  7. Allow to cool and place in refrigerator until ready to serve

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