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Completely Keto Jalapeño Jam

Tom, an adventurous keto enthusiast with a penchant for spicy flavors, embarked on a culinary quest to create the perfect condiment that would add a kick to his keto diet. The result was his Completely Keto Jalapeño Jam, a daring blend of diced jalapeños, Pink Himalayan Salt, Swerve, and Completely Keto Plain Simple Syrup, promising to be both fiery and sweet.

He introduced this zesty creation at a family BBQ, serving it as a bold topping on keto-friendly burgers and as a daring dip for grilled vegetables. The jam was an instant hit, its unique flavor profile captivating everyone’s taste buds.

As the afternoon waned, an unexpected visitor, a curious neighborhood raccoon known for its discerning palate, made its way into the backyard. With a swift move, it dipped its paw into the jalapeño jam left momentarily unattended on the table. The gathering watched in suspense as the raccoon tasted the jam, paused, and then, in a surprising twist, proceeded to happily devour the entire bowl, much to the amusement of all.

Tom’s Completely Keto Jalapeño Jam not only became the talk of the BBQ for its delicious taste but also for its unexpected approval by the local wildlife, securing its place as a legendary addition to any meal.

Completely Keto Jalapeño Jam

Course: Sauces & Rubs
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: jalapeno jam, keto jalapeno jam
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 12 people



  1. Mix the diced jalapenos with the swerve and salt and leave in fridge over night to allow the jalapeno to sweeten.

  2. Remove from fridge and mix in a pot with the simple syrup on medium flame. Let the mixture become thick and the liquid should fully reduce before removing. Let it cool before serving or storing in fridge.

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