Answers to The Keto Quiz

  • 1. In general, a Keto diet aims to reduce intake of foods that are high in …

  • 2. Which of the following vegetables should a person on a Keto diet avoid?
  • 3. While most fruits should generally be avoided, as they are high in sugar, which fruits are acceptable in small portions?

  • 4. Which has more carbs cashews or pecans?
  • 5. One major difference between the Keto diet and the Paleo diet is that only the Keto diet encourages consumption of the following food …

  • 6. Which of the following meals plans would be perfect for a Keto lunch?
  • 7. Which of the following is a beneficial supplement for a Keto diet?
  • 8. On average, about how many weeks does it take to achieve steady ketosis?

  • 9. Which have more carbs broccoli or asparagus?
  • 10.The basis of a Keto diet is…
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