Completely Keto (TM) Presents:
The Completely Keto (TM) Fasting Code

Discover The Easy Way To Add Fasting To Keto

Speed Up Your Weight Loss and Break Through Any Stalls

The Simple Way To Fasting On Keto

Fasting doesn’t have to be hard…or scary.

My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein.  I help hundreds of thousands of people achieve their Keto goals.

A lot of people got overweight because of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Well there’s one thing that works incredibly well to help you lose weight on Keto.

It’s called Fasting.

Until right now Fasting was incredibly difficult.

You couldn’t have anything other than water.

And because your body was burning away needed minerals, Keto made it especially hard to fast.

But I’ve literally cracked the code!

My new book THE FASTING CODE has the famous protocol that has helped tens of thousands of people easily fast and lose weight.

Although designed as a 36 hour fast, many people have continued to 40 hours, 48 hours and longer.

There’s only one rule: If you are uncomfortable stop.

I don’t believe in any of the silly little rules about how many calories you can have.

These are distractions.

If you’ve never been able to fast or thought you couldn’t do it…

THE FASTING CODE changes all that.

It includes some important information about fasting, the simple fasting protocol, and an interview with Dr. Jason Fung.

This book is typically shipped within 24 hours of purchase.

The price is just $12.95 including shipping

I hope it makes profound changes in your life!

Keto On!

Harlan Kilstein Ed.D.