Harlan Kilstein’s Completely Keto Spicy Eggplant

Harlan Kilstein’s Completely Keto Spicy Eggplant

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Harlan Kilstein’s Completely Keto Spicy Eggplant




Serves 4-6 appetizer servings


1 Large or 2 medium eggplant

1/2 Cup olive oil

2 Tsp cayenne pepper

1 Tsp cumin

1  1/2 Tsp Pink Himalayan Salt

6 Garlic cloves minced finely

Turn on the broiler on your oven setting

Rinse eggplant

Slice in thin large round circles

Place on heavy aluminum foil sheet or large baking tray

Lay eggplant circles all around on sheet

Use a baking brush, dip into olive oil and spread oil on each circle evenly

Place in broiler

Check broiler after 2 minutes

The eggplant should be slightly golden and cooked on one side

Turn over using a large fork

Broil on other side until golden and cooked

Remove and place on counter

Mix all spices in a cup

Use the baking brush to dip into the spice mixture

Spread mixture evenly over each slice

Place all eggplant slices into a glass pyrex container to preserve flavors

Store in refrigerator up to 3 days

Serve warm, cold or at room temperature

This dish is great with hamburgers and other proteins, and adds some real kick & burst of flavors to your meal

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